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About 3D Stars and downloading options

3D Stars is a free, interactive 3D map of the space surrounding our Sun, showing over 27,000 stars. 3D Stars 1.2x is freely available as a pre-compiled binary for Windows 9x/DOS, and one for Windows NT/2000/XP (Linux coming soon, I hope). The source code is not yet freely available, but will be "soon". For more information on 3D Stars, see the links to the right. The XP version has only been tested on XP - it should work on NT and 2000, but I don't know that it does (yet).

To download 3D Stars 1.2x, choose from these options:

You can also preview the readme file.

Feature list:

  • Full 3D map - total freedom of movement
  • Almost 4D - models star motions
  • Five views - including colour and brightness
  • Two star catalogues containing over 30,000 stars
  • A pulsar catalogue showing the Galactic disc
  • Constellation lines - 3D, of course
  • Screen resolutions up to 1280x1024
  • Locate stars using a built-in star finder
  • Chart maker allows a flat 2-D map to be saved
  • Configuration file allows 3D Stars to be customized
  • Lens flares - tastefully done, I assure you