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Legal information

The following applies to 3D Stars 1.21 only. Previous versions of 3D Stars come with legal details of their own which will remain unchanged, and future versions of 3D Stars will probably be released under some variant of the BSD license, X11 license or GPL. As always, 3D Stars 1.21 is copyright Thomas D. York, 2004.

3D Stars 1.21 is provided as is, with no warranty either expressed or implied. Although I think that there is no way it could cause any permanent or serious problems or damage to a computer system, and though I've not had any complaints nor seen any problems with it in over five years of it being available on the super-info hyperweb, I cannot accept legal responsibility for any damage that 3D Stars 1.21 may cause to your computer, yourself, or anything else.

3D Stars 1.21 can be distributed as is, in any of the forms in which it is made available by me from this website. All I ask is that the distributed version include an unmodified readme.txt as in the original archive released from this site, and that any charge made is to cover the cost of duplication only (if applicable, these days).

Further sections will apply to the source code when it is (eventually released), but the above will not change.